Long before St. Theresa's Church was built in 1927, the Oblate Fathers came to server the Native population and settlers of Southern Alberta. There was a Roman Catholic presence since 1881 in the district under the same ministry of the Oblates and Grey Nuns. As early as 1896, Fr. Riou visited the district to meet with various Catholic families four times a year traveling from Standoff by horse and buggy. Through the years, the Oblate Fathers came to visit Catholic families in the surrounding area of Kootenay, Hazelmore, Cardston, Harrisville, Taylorville, Kimball, Whiskey Gap, Del Bonita, and Woolford.

In 1927, Fr. Doriste Moreau became the chaplain of the Blood Indian and thus became the first resident Catholic priest in the town of Cardston. St. Theresa's Church was built in Cardston that year.

From 1927 until 1965 the resident priest of Cardston lived in a small room at the back of the church. Through the generosity and hard work of the parishioners, funds were raised to build a rectory in 1965. Fr. Geuther was the first to enjoy this beautiful home situated directly south of the church. When the rectory was completed, extensive renovations were completed to the church, thus enlarging and modernizing it. The rectory basement serves as the parish hall.

Between the years of 1971 and 1994, Fr. Phillippe Poulin OMI, a truly holy man, was the parish spiritual guide and leader. A spinal injury in his early years as a priest on the Blood Reserve had left him with an obvious disability but he learned to walk again and never let his infirmity stand in the way of his spirit or his mission. He was a very humble, kind priest who was well respected in the Cardston community.

Since 1994, St. Theresa's and Immaculate Heart Parish at Moses Lake shared a priest and worshipped together. In 2001, the Catholic Church in Moses Lake was closed and the faith community there was welcomed to St. Theresa's. Later that year, St Theresa became a mission of the Holy Cross Parish in Fort Macleod. In the summer of 2005, the Knights of Columbus from Lethbridge donated their time and money to paint and repair the outside of the church. In 2006, the inside was painted.

St. Theresa has a small but faithful group of parishioners. Mass is celebrated weekly and on special religious days plus the 1st Friday of each month. Lay ministers visit the sick weekly and offer Holy Communion. There is a loving spirit in our place of worship which guides and nurtures those who gather there to pray. St. Theresa's parishioners continue to be proud of their place in the community.

Clergy who served St. Theresa's:

1889-1929 - Frs. Doucet, Riou, Lepine, Levern, Ruoux, Salaun,  serving from Standoff
Resident Priests:
1929-1930 - Fr. Doriste Moreau
1930-1933 - Fr. Neil McCormick
1933-1942 - Fr. Salaun
1942 -  Fr. Jacob – served only a few weeks and then passed away
1942-1955 - Fr. Ignatius Leaver
1955 - Fr. - Gregory McLellan
1955-1958 - Fr. Armand Lemire
1958-1959 - Fr. Lafrance
1959-1964 - Fr. John Weisgerber (served from Raymond)
1964-1968- Fr. Paul Greuther
1968-1970 - Fr. Denis ChatainOMI
1970-1971 - Fr. A Duhaime OMI (Served from St. Mary’s School.)
1971-1994 - Fr. Philippe Poulin OMI
1994-1995 - Fr. Marcel Picotte OMI  (served from Standoff)
1994-1997 - Fr. Desmond Bowler OMI
1997-2000 - Fr. Guiseppe Peroni OMI (served from Standoff)
1997-2000 - Fr. Les Kwiatkowski OMI (served from Standoff)
2000 - Fr. Black
2000-2002 - Fr. Joseph Roy OMI (served from Fort Macleod)
2002-2006 - Fr. Aquinaldo Fermo (Served from Fort  Macleod)
2006-2012  - Fr Ben Marino (serving from Fort Macleod
2012-2018 - Fr. Angelo D’Costa (Serving from Fort Macleod)
2018-present - Fr Benedicto A. Tugano IV (Serving from Fort Macleod)

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